Okay so like, I’ll have these sudden urges to write, right.

It’s like word vomit. It all just comes out.

I was centering these feelings out of an experience I had a few weeks ago at a high school I was speaking at. I spoke about living with HIV and how I navigate through my experience pre-and-post diagnosis. I add in some poetry with a performance executed for 10’s across the board on a runway type shit. It’s all for the kids. I need their full attention, I get it by being exactly who I was back then, when I was their age. I allow them to grow with me for 48 whole minutes.

A day of 6 classes, 48 minutes a piece are dedicated to me throughout the school year. Teachers allow me to come in and teach a life lesson that didn’t require the same degree they are in debt for… that shit is so crazy to me. I am beyond thankful.

But bitch. Lemme tell you about this young, beautiful lady that gave me a piece of her mind AND HER GOD! So I tell my story to the last class of the day. It was a good day. The vibe was great, questions were awesome. Child, students from the year before remembered me and some even sat in classes to see me again. I was truly, truly gagged. Anyway. After speaking there’s always Q&A. Sometimes they want all the tea and others they wanna go home, I don’t blame em!! We ended early due to announcements.

Class is over and everyone is gathering their things. This young lady approaches me and asks, “Has any of your friends stopped being friends with you because of their religion based off of your sexuality?” When I tell you… miss thing had it on her mind to preach to me! This was something she knew since…birth. Seems… generational… like a curse. I responded, “No, if anything that made them love, protect, and pray for me more. I felt embraced.” “Well I just feel, because I am a christian, that it is my job, as a christian, to tell you that you’re going to hell. But don’t shoot the messenger.”

BABY! YES! She had the nerve. I was shocked. Stuck. Gagged. All of that. I gracefully disengaged because I didn’t want to take it there with her. She was firm in her stance so I gave her, “Oh. you wouldn’t be worth that.” Literally. To kill her over her personal beliefs? Who would do that?

Death is inevitable.

You die.

Your life ends.


Not see you later. See I didn’t even have to correct you.

But like when people are killed.




Bro, another person played God. Killed someone.

How could you kill someone?

I would understand if you needed to defend your home.

Your right is to bare arms...but

You can’t just be killing anybody.

You kill people in the church.

And the church kills people who sinning?

Every-BODY is losing,

Death is the only thing winning.



But to kill somebody.

To really fucking kill somebody for reasons that are buried in bias, oppression, phobias of culture, gender, reproductive rights,

Tell people they are wrong when exercising their rights to


Free speech

Free press

Again, access to guns

But not proper healthcare

You really care about veterans feeling disrespected but don’t want to fix the VA

We have more access to guns than therapists

We have more hashtags than solutions

Climate change isn’t real

Red tide didn’t come from pollution

Like medicine didn't come with research

Lab rats


Big pharma ain't nothing but the cartel

Moving big weight

Plenty bodies

Opioids cause epidemics

But crack lasted a whole era

Addiction to your prescription

No matter who the pharmacist is.

Michael Lamb