Lie'F: The Album


            My first studio album. My baby. My life. Plenty of tears, therapy, fuckin, prayers, late nights, early mornings, empty and overdrawn back accounts, empty wine bottles turned decorations, smoked gars, condom wrappers, and faith was put into this album. So much growth. So much talent. So much, life. I present to you Lie’F.

            When I announced I was coming out with a full-fledged poetry album, I had no blueprint as to what exactly that would look like. I just knew that during my depression, I was yearning to create. I would be stuck to my bed on my phone looking at my desk. Every time I picked up a pen and put it to paper, I was lost. I didn’t know where to begin. I still wrote but hated everything. Yet another torn page turned into a ball tossed into the trashcan. I kept writing though.

            I went back and forth with names. First it was gonna be Cheap Wine & Poetry. Then I wanted it to be On a Positive Note. Then I finally decided on Blunt Wraps & Peach Soda. Shit wasn’t hitting right. None of those spoke to me. One day I was talking to my therapist and said, “Muthafuckas lie, I guess that’s life.” Boom. Right then and there, I found my title. That’s where I got the spelling for it, Lie’F cause muthafuckas do indeed lie. Including myself.

            I’ve told plenty of lies. I lied about being happy when I was sad. I lied about being in love when I was being hurt by the man I claimed to love. I lied about liking a friend’s boyfriend. I lied about liking someone’s hair. I lied about why I couldn’t make it to work whenever I would call off. I lied about being depressed, hearing voices, and not needing therapy. We’ve all lied. We’ve lied to ourselves to remain comfortable in our own mess. We’ve lied to other people to “protect them”. One sin we all have in common is that we’ve lied.

            Through all the lies I’ve ever told and the lies I’ve told to cover up the previous lies, the truth always prevailed. The truth truly does set one free of mental bondage. The truth is liberating. First, tell the truth about yourself then to others. No need to fake the funk, we all fucked up in some way. The truth will lead you to your tribe. Your community.

            This album is my truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I speak my truth through poetic expression with rhythmic word play combined with acoustic feels. Lie’F is relatable no matter our differences, preferences, or experiences. One way or another, this album will speak to you; if you ain’t got the courage yet and with your permission, this album will also speak for you.

            This album wouldn’t be made possible without Armauni from Bent String Studio. One session was 9 hours. He was patient with me. Telicia Da Poet, I had to have her bless this album as her work has blessed me and audiences around the world. Xavier, that man is gifted with his hands when a saxophone is in them. His melodies are ones you think could only be heard at the gates of Heaven. No shade, I know he has a drawer full of panties from women throwing them at him while he’s on stage. Lauren Thee Writer, such a different voice in today’s time but if you’ve got an old soul you hear Nina, Faith, and a pinch of Ledisi. I wanted her on one song but the vibe lead her to be featured twice. TripleWordScore, my sister in rhyme. My girl. My bitch. Our first collaboration for both of us. We performed it only once and still get recognition for it. It’s only right I bring that LIVE performance to the streaming world. I had to bring them there to that night we spoke of oppression, bias, and hope. Darius Jay, a voice that will make classics. Thank you for being a part of this process as it was… a damn process. Dee Goodson, before his record deal thanked me immensely for paying him what I could for a feature. I needed his angelic vocals for a tribute to a fallen solider (Rest in Power Tyler ‘King Famouz’ Lane). I once loved. Rockstar Music Group is lucky to have you.

            February 15th, national side chick day is when the album is dropping. Don’t lie, we all been there.

Michael Lamb