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Getcha Life With Mike
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    Michael Lamb (he/him/his) born June 10th, 1991 has his way of bringing up taboo topics at the dinner table. With sass, pizazz, and a whole lot of facts supported by stats, Lamb makes sure his point is clear, concise, and concrete. Since childhood, Lamb has always made his way to become the center of attention. In recent years, he has done just the same but with a purpose greater than himself.

December 19th, 2012 Lamb was diagnosed with HIV at the tender year of 21. After living in the shadows for two years, he lost a friend to complications of AIDS which ignited a fire in him that has yet to be put out. After grabbing a notebook and a pen, his first poem was written and Miss Mikey, his alter ego, was born. Releasing a PSA disclosing his status on social media publicly on December 19th, 2014, Michael Lamb was now a force to be reckoned with. 

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- Mike


Lamb graduated from Dunbar High School in Fort Myers, Florida in 2010. He is a spoken word artist, certified life coach, two-time published author, empowerment speaker, educator, recipient of the 2016 Education & Prevention of the Year Award and advocate.

Lamb as Miss Mikey, has performed all over the state of Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Washington D.C., Cozumel, Mexico, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. All he wanted to do was tell his story and let the world know, “I HAVE HIV, HIV DOES NOT HAVE ME!”

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